Travelling without a valid ticket

Travelling without a ticket costs at least €60.00.

If you do not possess a valid ticket, pursuant to the conditions of carriage, our inspectors are authorised to charge a penalty fare (€60.00).
If after one week the transportation company needs to send a reminder of the penalty fare, an additional administrative fee of €5.00 will be charged.

Regulations for season ticket and annual season ticket holders

As the holder of a personal subscription, a personal yearly ticket and/or a pupil ticket, you have the option of presenting your forgotten ticket within one week. The penalty fare is thus reduced to €7.00.

As a subscriber or owner of an annual ticket which is transferable, you can only present your forgotten ticket once to reduce the penalty fare to €7.00. If you forget your ticket again, the full €60.00 will be charged in accordance with the conditions of carriage.

Did you already know ...

that travelling without a valid ticket is a crime and not an administrative offence?