Mobile tickets

You can now buy tickets easily in the VVW online shop or on the VVW app: cashless, anytime and anywhere.

Where can you buy tickets?

Please note that you can only buy mobile tickets on mobile devices.

Option 1

Search for your connection as usual in the practical Plan you journey-function. In the detail view you will immediately find a ticket suggestion for your requested connection. If you click on the shopping basket beside the price stated, you get directly to the VVW online shop.

Option 2

Access the VVW online shop directly and select from the complete overview your desired ticket for direct purchase.

Option 3

Download the free VVW app (available for Android and iOS).

What tickets are there?

You can buy these tickets online using your smartphone or tablet:

  • Single ticket & reduced single ticket
  • Short journey ticket
  • Ferry ticket & reduced ferry ticket
  • 4-trip ticket
  • Day ticket, reduced day ticket, day ticket for groups & day ticket for families
  • HappyHourTicket
  • Bicycle ticket, ferry bicycle ticket and bicycle day ticket
  • Airport ticket, reduced airport ticket & family airport ticket

Area of Validity

The mobile ticket is valid

  • in Rostock throughout the entire route network
  • in the region in the selected tariff zones
  • in all means of transport (bus, tram, suburban train, ferry, excluding Molli)


To buy a mobile ticket you must be at least 18 years of age and have a web-enabled mobile device (smartphone, phablet, tablet).

You need an online connection to download the VVW app (via the Google or Apple Appstore) and to buy a mobile ticket. If you don’t have an internet flat rate, your mobile service provider may charge you for the data usage.


To buy a mobile ticket you must register once via the VVW online shop or the VVW app. To do so, you must provide your personal data, a valid e-mail address, password and your preferred method of payment. You will subsequently receive a confirmation e-mail with a link.

You will only have to register once and do not need to repeat this when buying future tickets.

You can also pay for tickets via your mobile phone account or by credit card without registering beforehand. Please note that in this case it is also necessary for you to provide your name and an e-mail address so that the ticket can be inspected.


Mobile ticket prices are the same as those of tickets bought at machines and other points of sale.

Payment options

Option 1: SEPA Direct Debit
The amount is debited from your account.
Option 2: Credit card (Visa & Mastercard)
Your credit card account is automatically charged with the respective amount.
Option 3: Mobile Phone Bill
If you pay using your mobile phone bill, additional service charges are incurred (18–20 % of the ticket price) which are shown and charged separately from the ticket price. The total price is shown on your mobile phone bill.
Only German mobile network providers or prepaid phone cards which are approved in Germany are accepted. Please ensure that the billing of third-party services is enabled on your mobile phone bill.

Ticket inspection

If you buy a ticket in the VVW online shop, you can find it offline in the picture gallery or in the downloads on your mobile device once the purchase has been completed.
If you buy your mobile ticket using the VVW app, it can be accessed in the section “Tickets”.

Show the ticket inspectors your mobile device with the VVW mobile ticket open in your display, and if requested your official photo ID (Identity card, driving licence or passport).

Important: Your mobile ticket is only valid in connection with a photo ID.

If, due to loss or failure of your mobile device (e.g. due to technical defects, empty battery), you cannot prove to the ticket inspector that you have a ticket, this will be considered as travelling without a valid ticket and a penalty fare will be charged.

Service-Hotline Mobile Ticketing

monday till friday 08.00 a.m. - 06.00 p.m.

+49 381 - 802 1111