Traveling with bicycles

In principle, it is possible to take your bicycle, Segway or pedelec/e-bike on RSAG vehicles.

Please note that these may only be placed in the designated “multi-function areas” opposite the entrance. You can only take them with you if the type of vehicle and the number of occupants permit it. The staff decide on a case-by-case basis whether bicycles (also including scooters which are similar to bicycles), Segways or pedelecs/e-bikes can be transported and where they should be stored.

Please heed the following when taking your bicycle on public transport

  • Each passenger may only take one bicycle, scooter which is similar to a bicycle, a Segway or a pedelec/e-bike.
  • A bicycle is considered to be conventional one-seater bicycle.
  • You need a bicycle ticket for bicycles with a wheel-size of more than 12 inches.
  • You may only transport tandems on the ferries.
  • Bicycle trailers for children are only transported if they are not attached to the bicycle.

Buying tickets

No matter if you want to buy tickets spontaneously or in advance. We offer many diffrent points of sale throughout Rostock.