Ticket machines

You can buy your tickets at ticket machines in the vehicles and at the stops.

Machines in the vehicles

All normal and articulated buses as well as all trams run with a vending machine on board. You will find the machines at the second entrance door.

On trams and buses you can:

  • purchase short journey tickets, single tickets, day tickets, group day tickets and bicycle tickets,
  • pay cash with coins from 5 cents (including 20-cent coins),
  • with 5, 10 and 20 euro banknotes.


The tickets you buy in the vehicle have already been validated.
Advance booking is only possible at stops, in customer service centres and at our sales partners.

Ticket machines at the stops

At the stops you can:

  • buy all types of tickets for all tariff zones,
  • buy tickets in advance,
  • get information on service, tariffs and tariff zones,
  • view the route map,
  • pay cash with coins from 5 cents (including 20-cent coins) and with banknotes up to € 50,
  • pay with Girocard (EC card): simply enter your PIN. Without login, without registration.
  • pay with credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, JCB and Diners Club.
  • pay contactless with Girocard or credit card. No pin necessary for payments less than € 25.


Tickets that you receive at the stops must be validated immediately after entering the vehicle.

Ticket machines at stops

District Location
Dierkow Dierkower Allee
Dierkower Kreuz
Dierkow Zentrum
Evershagen B.-Brecht-Str. (direction Marienehe)
Evershagen Süd
Groß Klein S Lichtenhagen (at Klenow Tor)
Hansaviertel Schillingallee
City centre Doberaner Platz (tram route 1 & 6 direction city)
Hauptbahnhof/main station (Tunnel towards city & south)
Kabutzenhof (direction city)
Kröpeliner Tor (direction main station)
Lange Straße
Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße (direction city)
Neuer Markt
S Holbeinplatz (direction city)
S Parkstr.
Saarplatz (direction Neuer Friedhof)
Lichtenhagen Elmenhorster Weg
Eutiner Straße
Güstrower Straße
Mecklenburger Allee
Lütten Klein Helsinkier Str. (direction city)
Lütten Klein Zentrum (direction city)
S Lütten Klein
Turkuer Straße
Markgrafenheide/ Hohe Düne Ferry Hohe Düne - Warnemünde
Reutershagen Heinrich-Schütz-Str.
Markt Reutershagen
Reutershagen (tram)
Schmarl Schmarl Zentrum
Südstadt Charles-Darwin-Ring (direction city)
Erich-Schlesinger-Str. (direction city)
Südblick (direction city)
Südstadt-Center (direction main station)
Warnemünde Warnemünde Kirchenplatz
Wiesenweg (direction city)

Operation of the machines

Our machines are operated via touch screen. First touch the screen.

A simple menu leads you to your desired ticket or information.