Seit 1961 auf der Langen Straße





    The Horse Tram is Launched

    After establishing the Mecklenburgische Straßen-Eisenbahn Actien Gesellschaft (MSEAG), the horse tram commences operations in October with 3 routes.

    First Horse Tram in Rostock



    Tram Replaces Horse Tram

    The horses are pensioned off and the electric tram dominates the Rostock cityscape from May on. The MSEAG has since traded under the name “Rostocker Straßenbahn AG”.



    New Bus Connection

    Omnibuses begin operating on Rostock’s roads on the W route between Rostock and Warnemünde. The number 5 bus line begins operations in the city centre two years later.

    First bus connection to Warnemünde



    New Connection

    1930 to 1936: the tram network now includes the new district of Reutershagen with the terminus Marienehe as well as Neuer Friedhof.




    Resumption of tram operations on two routes.



    Connection to the District of Dierkow

    A long-held wish of Dierkow’s residents is fulfilled. Three years later the tram also provides Gehlsdorf’s residents with speedy travel to the city centre.

    Opening of route 4




    The company is outsourced from the “Kommunalwirtschaftlicher Unternehmen” and renamed “VEB Nahverkehr Rostock”. At this time the first trams and buses manufactured in the GDR and Hungary are put into operation.



    Central Depot

    The depot in Hamburger Straße is put into operation.



    New Tram Route

    After the Neuer Markt is redesigned, the tram route now runs through Lange Straße.

    Tram at Lange Straße



    Connection of Additional Districts

    The residents of the new districts built in the 1960s and 70s don’t have to wait a long time for the bus. A number of new routes are launched which link the southern part of the city and the districts in the north-west to the public transport network. Rostock’s public transport system is increasingly defined by new, more spacious and comfortable vehicles. Brand new articulated vehicles from Gotha are introduced in 1962, and in 1969 the first articulated bus is put on the road.

    Articulated railcar type Gotha in front of the RSAG depot



    Switch to Buses

    Tram line number 4 to Gehlsdorf is changed to a bus route.

    Tram route 4



    Introduction of the Ticket Validation System

    Since 1976 used ticket validation machine



    Connecting the North-East

    1987 to 1990: the tram returns to the north-east and branch lines connect the new districts of Dierkow and Toitenwinkel. This creates attractive and fast connections to the city centre.



    New Name

    Communal public transport operations are transferred to the private sector and are once again named the Rostocker Straßenbahn AG.



    Modern Low-Floor Technology

    The outdated fleet of vehicles is gradually updated with future-oriented low-floor technology. Buses and trams which are accessible to people with disabilities have since defined the cityscape. With its reconstruction of the tracks and customer-friendly revamping of the stops, RSAG presents itself as one of Germany’s most modern public transport operators.



    Rostocker Verkehrsgemeinschaft

    The Rostocker Verkehrsgemeinschaft is set up.



    Low-Floor Trams

    The first low-floor tram 6NGT is introduced to the route service.



    Customer Service Center is Opened

    The sales point in the Hauptbahnhof, or main station, and the customer service centre in the “Doberaner Hof” passage are opened at the main public transport intersections to offer comprehensive advice to customers.

  19. 27

    02 | 97


    The Transport Association Warnow (German:Verkehrsverbund Warnow, short VVW) is set up with the RSAG as a partner.



    Night Bus Routes are Introduced

    The new night route “Fledermaus F1 and F2” and route number 38 are introduced.



    North-West Extension of the Tram Network

    The first step towards an extension of the tram network to the north-west of the city is the kick-off for extensive expansions to the track network.

  21. 29

    10 | 99

    New Stop

    Operation of the stop “Neuer Markt” launched on 29 October 1999.

  22. 13

    10 | 00

    Building of Tunnel under the Main Station

    The first piles are driven for the subterranean level under the main station.


    06 | 00

    Extension of the Tram Network N1

    The first construction phase N1 to extend the tram network to the north-west of the Hanseatic City of Rostock is launched with a district festival in Evershagen.

    Evershagen in summer 2000


    04 | 00

    Extension of the Tram Network N2

    Construction work to extend the Tram Network N2 to Lütten Klein begins.


    03 | 00

    Mobility Consultants

    30 mobility consultants begin work in the Hanseatic City of Rostock.

  23. 19

    10 | 01

    Extension of the Tram Network to the Southern Part of the City

    The extension of the tram network to the southern part of the city is inaugurated by the Economic Minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Otto Ebnet, the Mayor Arno Pöker, and Jochen Bruhn and Hajo Graf Vitzthum, from the RSAG board of directors.


    07 | 01

    Extension of the Tram Network N2

    Section N2 in Lütten Klein is inaugurated with a street party. Mayor Arno Pöker drove the first train on the new section.

    Arno Pöker opens section N2


    05 | 01

    Direct Marketing Center

    Opening of the RSAG Direct Marketing Centre to enhance telephone customer service.


    04 | 01

    Low-Floor Trailer Car

    Delivery of the first low-floor trailer car.


    01 | 01


    Signing of the agreement to safeguard public transport in Rostock.


    01 | 01

    Bus Depot

    The new bus depot in Schmarl is put into operation.

    Bus depot in Rostock-Schmarl

  24. 14

    08 | 02

    Main Station Distribution Level

    Connection to the distribution level of Rostock main station.


    04 | 02

    Transportation Days

    18 – 19 April 2002: First Rostock Transportation Days.



    Road Safety Education

    Start of road safety education with the “classroom on wheels”.

  25. 18

    11 | 03

    Tram Route to Lichtenhagen

    District festival to open the tram route to Lichtenhagen.


    04 | 03

    New Tram Route to the Southern Part of the City

    Inauguration of the new tram route to the southern part of the city with a festival to celebrate the city’s transportation routes.


    04 | 03

    Main Station Tram Tunnel

    Opening of Rostock’s main station and the tram tunnel.

  26. 15

    05 | 04

    Open Day

    Open Day as part of the anniversary of “100 years of electric transportation in Rostock”.

  27. 14

    12 | 05

    Pantograph test

    First pantograph test (test for approval of the overhead contact line) on the new section Schröderplatz – Platz der Freundschaft.


    04 | 05

    Schröderplatz – Platz der Freundschaft Section

    Construction commences for the section Schröderplatz – Platz der Freundschaft.

  28. 14

    10 | 06

    Renovation of Doberaner Platz

    Rostock’s new tram network is completed. After its renovation, Doberaner Platz can now be fully used by all customers.

    Doberaner Platz under construction


    08 | 06

    Doberaner Platz – Platz der Freundschaft Section is Put into Operation

    The trams run according to schedule along the new section of the route between Doberaner Platz and Platz der Freundschaft.


    08 | 06

    Hanse Sail

    Fully operational in time for the Hanse Sail. During the Hanse Sail, RSAG trams run through the city centre. The new stop at the city port shortens the route to the event.


    06 | 06

    Doberaner Platz – Steintor Section

    The section Doberaner Platz – Steintor is completely closed to trams.

  29. 02

    06 | 07

    G8 Summit

    From 2 until 8 June 2007: Special timetable for the G8 summit in Heiligendamm. Due to demonstrations, bus and tram travel is at times severely restricted.


    01 | 07

    New Director – Wilfried Eisenberg

    Wilfried Eisenberg who was born in Rostock is appointed to the board for 5 years to succeed Hajo Graf Vitzthum who retired on 31 December 2006.

  30. 01

    06 | 08

    Environmentally Friendly Buses

    The first seven buses which comply with the EEV-Norm (enhanced, environmentally friendly vehicle) are put into operation.


    05 | 08

    Twentieth Anniversary

    Twentieth anniversary of the tram to north-east Rostock.


    03 | 08

    Route 27

    Route 27 is taken into service after a 6-month test-run.


    02 | 08

    Trams Up Close

    Start of the series of events “Straßenbahn zum Anfassen” where interested visitors can gain brief insight into the company.

    Trams up close



    VDV Annual Meeting

    June 2009: the VDV annual meeting is held in Rostock.

    RSAG-Team welcomes all participants of the annual VDV meeting


    03 | 09

    Conversion of the Contact Line System

    The Rostocker Straßenbahn AG begins preparations for the conversion of the contact line system in Lange Straße.

  32. 24

    06 | 10

    Tenth Anniversary

    Get on and relax, you don't need to change – Evershagen has been a part of the tram network for 10 years. A press journey to Evershagen takes place on the occasion of the anniversary.


    03 | 10

    Construction Commences in Warnemünde

    Ground-breaking ceremony to signalise the start of construction of the new transport intersection in Warnemünde.

    Ground-breaking ceremony in Warnemünde

  33. 30

    07 | 11

    Tram Parade

    50 years of trams in the Lange Straße: generations of trams parade through the city center.


    05 | 11

    Funding Announced for Hybrid Articulated Buses

    Transport Minister Volker Schlotmann hands over notice of the funding for 5 hybrid articulated buses.

    Handover funding for buses


    03 | 11

    Construction Work in Doberaner Straße

    Construction work carried out by EURAWASSER begins between the junction at Am Kabutzenhof and the Werftdreieck. Three months of single track traffic in Doberaner Straße. Two sets of points lead to and from the existing track to the rail track.

  34. 20

    04 | 12

    Completion of the Traffic Intersection in Warnemünde

    The transfer station am Nordkreuz opens to traffic and the stop Warnemünde Werft is put into operation.


    01 | 12

    New Director – Michael Schroeder

    Michael Schroeder takes over the post of technical director of the RSAG.

    Technical Director Michael Schroeder

  35. 16

    09 | 13

    First Pedelec Rental Station

    The first RSAG pedelec rental station in Reutershage begins its test phase.

    Opening of first pedelec rental station


    09 | 13

    Park(ing) Day

    Park(ing) Day and car-free day in Lange Straße. The RSAG is one of the organisers from the working group on climate protection and mobility and is on site in the Lange Straße with one of the new generation of buses.

    Parking Day at Lange Straße

  36. 30

    07 | 14

    Modern Low-Floor Trams

    Modern low-floor trams replace Tatra railcars on the Rostock route network. The new type 6N2 tram is put into operation.

    The new modern Low-Floor Trams 6N2



    Timetable Information with Real-Time Data

    July 2014: new timetable information in real-time and Twitter account for RSAG online.

  37. 09

    07 | 15

    Direct Award of Contract until 2030

    Signing of the contract on the direct award of contract: Until 2030, Rostock public transportation services will continue to be provided by the RSAG.


    03 | 15

    Ferry to Gehlsdorf

    The RSAG has taken over commercial responsibility for ferry traffic on the Kabutzenhof/Schnickmannstraße – Gehlsdorf route. Ferry operations themselves will be carried out by Antaris GmbH. RSAG ensures the integration of ferry travel into the existing local public transport network offering and represents ferry travel in the VVW (Warnow transport association).

    Ferry to Gehlsdorf

  38. 16

    10 | 16

    135th Anniversary

    The Rostocker Straßenbahn AG’s 135th anniversary is celebrated in depot12 in Marienehe. The visitors can experience a diverse entertainment programme in which they are able to learn a lot about the Rostock company’s history. Absolute highlights were the journeys with traditional vehicles and the great tram parade through the hanseatic city.

    Tram parade at Rostock city center


    09 | 16

    Trial Operations on Route 34

    Start of trial operations in the fishing port Marienehe. Route 34 starts at Holbeinplatz and runs via Carl-Hopp-Straße to the fishing port in Marienehe.

    Bus route 34 at stop Fischereihafen


    04 | 16

    MOBIL 2016

    The RSAG’s new traffic concept “MOBIL 2016” comes into effect and provides for even more direct connections, improved tact and new routes.

    New traffic concept MOBIL 2016


    01 | 16

    New Director – Jan Bleis

    As successor to Jochen Bruhn who retired as planned from the company on 31.12.2015, Jan Bleis who was born in Rostock is appointed as commercial director to the RSAG supervisory board for a five-year term.

    Commercial director Jan Bleis

  39. 09

    09 | 17

    VVW’s Twentieth Anniversary

    The travel associations in the Hanseatic City of Rostock and the region have been working together under the umbrella of the Verkehrsverbund Warnow (VVW) since 1997. An annual 62 million passengers profit from the benefits of a joint tariff and a coordinated timetable.

    One ticket. One tariff. One region.


    07 | 17

    RSAG Taking The Youngest Out On The Road

    In 2017 for the first time, the RSAG raffles 3 modern fully equipped multi-seat strollers for nursery children. All Rostock day-care centres are invited to take part in a creative competition on the theme “Out and about in Rostock by bus and rail”. The RSAG strollers have space for a maximum of 6 children aged up to 3 years and are equipped with ergonomic seats, safety belts, lightweight tyres and a double braking system.

    Fleet of RSAG strollers


    07 | 17

    Twentieth Anniversary of the RSAG “Fledermäuse” (bats)

    For 20 years now, the night bus routes F1 and F2 have been operational throughout Rostock even after midnight. To celebrate this anniversary a bus is given an exclusive bat design. Furthermore, RSAG donates bat silhouettes and a sign about the hunting behaviour of bats to Rostock Zoo.

    Bus with Bat-Design


    07 | 17

    RSAG Tests Electric Buses

    To gain further knowledge and experience with a bus operating on route services which is entirely electric, RSAG conducts trial operations with a battery-driven electric bus manufactured by the company Sileo in Salzgitter.

    Test bus by Sileo


    04 | 17

    Trial Operations of the TFT Display at Neuer Markt

    A new type of DPI display using a TFT monitor was installed at Neuer Markt: this monitor offers an even clearer picture and more display options than conventional displays with LED pixels. In the event of unforeseen timetable changes, information on the disruption can also be given with the running text on the DPI. A new feature is offered: people who are blind or have a visual impairment can press a request button attached to the pole so that the display content is spoken. This is a further step towards complete accessibility. The display is tested over several months.

    New TFT-Display at Neuer Markt


    01 | 17

    New Director – Yvette Hartmann

    As the first woman, Yvette Hartmann takes over the post of commercial director of the RSAG. As director for markets and technology, Jan Bleis is responsible with immediate effect for all of the company’s technical business areas as well as for marketing and sales and thus succeeds Michael Schroeder who retired on 31.12.2016 as planned as technical director.

    Yvette Hartmann & Jan Bleis

  40. 12

    10 | 18

    New Payment Functions on Ticket Machines

    To press ahead with the digitalisation of sales processes and to make ticket purchasing even easier and more convenient, RSAG has offered the option of making contactless or credit card payments for tickets purchased at stationary machines since October 2018.

    Paying contactless with credit card


    08 | 18

    Securing Connections between Ferry and Bus

    The RSAG develops for the transfer point at Hohe Düne their own technical solution to enable a secure connection between the ferry and the buses of the routes 17 and 18 which run in the direction of Markgrafenheide and Hinrichshagen.

    Connection sign with countdown


    07 | 18

    50 Years of Traditional Transport in Rostock

    In the summer of 1968, a traditional vehicle was operated for the first time in Rostock’s city centre. Today, RSAG’s fleet of traditional vehicles comprises four motor trams, two trailer cars and a variety of wagons as well as two traditional motor buses and a traditional car. On the occasion of this 50th anniversary, Rostock’s friends of local transport organise a day out on the road on 15th July.

    depot12 in Marienehe


    01 | 18

    An Anniversary Tram for the City’s Birthday

    In 2018, the Hanseatic and University City of Rostock celebrates its 800-year anniversary and in 2019 the 600th anniversary of the founding of the University of Rostock. In the course of preparing for the double anniversary together with municipal representatives, the idea was born that an anniversary tram could be designed for the city’s birthday. The Rostock artist Christoph Kadur provides the graphics he designed especially for the anniversary.

    Anniversary tram