You will find us at three different locations. We have briefly described for you how to reach us at these locations.

RSAG-Betriebshof Reutershagen

Hamburger Straße 115,
18069 Rostock

125 Stop H.-Schütz-Straße

Get off at the stop H.-Schütz-Straße. Coming from the city, continue in the direction of travel. Parallel to the tracks, you will reach a rolling gate for the entrances and exits of our trams. Turn right, in the direction of the brick building you will reach the entrance to our company headquarters.

Bus Depot Schmarl

Industriestraße 9,
18069 Rostock

38 Stop Industriestraße

Take line 38 to Industriestraße and walk along the street. After approx. 400 m you will see the bus depot on your right.

Exhibition of Traffic History „depot12“

An der Jägerbäk 4b,
18069 Rostock

15 Stop Marienehe

Get off at the stop Marienehe. Turn right on the opposite side of the street. In approx. 100m you will already see the large white hall with red stripes. In this hall you will find our traffic history exhibition.

By car:

Continue from the tram depot via Fritz-Triddelfitz-Weg to Marienehe after crossing the tram you can already see the big white hall with red stripes.