How does it work?

On some routes, a cab is driving instead of a bus. This is called dial-a-ride. In our timetable those rides are marked as ALT (German for Abruf-Linien-Taxi).
The planned deparures are included in our schedule. Please, tell us how many persons will take the ride in beforehand. The cab will come to your preferred stop and will drive you to the next bus or tram stop. 

To use dial-a-ride you need to possess a valid ticket.

How to order dial-a-ride

  1. Call +49 381 - 802 1900 at least 30 minutes before departure.
  2. Tell us the number of passengers, your starting point as well as as the starting time.
  3. You can also dial-a-ride by informing a bus or tram driver, directly when entering the vehicle.


Find our RSAG-App at the Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore. Get the best route suggestions with real-time data and directly buy your ticket via Smartphone.

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