Monthly season ticket reduced

Especially for apprentices and young people who are constantly on the move - whether for training or in their free time.

With the reduced monthly ticket you are mobile around the clock. This means you can travel for a whole month without the need for another ticket.


The monthly season ticket reduced is valid

  • in Rostock throughout the entire route network
  • in the region in the selected tariff zones
  • in all means of transport (bus, tram, suburban train, ferry)


For monthly season tickets, the first day of validity is freely selectable; they are valid until the date of the previous day in the following month.
Example: You purchase your monthly ticket on 5 March, then your ticket is valid until 4 April.


Monthly season tickets for Rostock are personal time tickets, non-transferable and do not include any arrangements to take along.

Reduced ticket users

The following persons are authorised to use reduced monthly tickets:

  • Children aged 6 to 14 years (without an entitlement card)
  • Persons over 15 years (with entitlement card)
    • pupils and direct students of public, state-approved or state-approved private general education schools, vocational schools and universities
    • persons who subsequently obtain a lower secondary school leaving certificate or a secondary school leaving certificate
    • persons in a vocational training relationship in accordance with the Vocational Training Act
    • persons attending a state-approved vocational preparation course or vocational training preparation course
    • interns and volunteers who complete an internship necessary for the training before, during and after the state-regulated training
    • participants in a voluntary social or ecological year, participants of the Federal Voluntary Service

apply for a monthly season ticket reduced

PDF school/apprenticeship certificate (German)

PDF Confirmation Federal Voluntary Service (German)
An entitlement card is required for the use of reduced monthly tickets for the transport companies of the Verkehrsverbund Warnow (VVW). You can obtain your entitlement cards at our customer service centres.
This will allow you to apply for the reduced weekly ticket:

  1. Pupils/apprentices present their training contract, school or study certificate, student ID or a contract for the social/ecological year with photo and a photo ID at the RSAG customer service centre.
  2. The documents are checked by the customer advisors and
  3. the entitlement card is issued.


You can receive your entitlement card at our customer service centres.

Certificates as proof of the authorisation may not be older than 4 weeks.