Single Ticket reduced

The affordable ticket for pupils.

Reduced single tickets are valid for

  • children aged 6 to including 14 years 
  • holder of a Warnowpass with the imprint SozT (ALGII- and social welfare recipients)
  • owner of the Rostock volunteer card

Period of Validity

One-way trip in one direction.
Changing means of transport and stops are permitted. The maximum period of validity within Rostock is 90 minutes.
For returning please buy a new ticket.

Area of vailidity

The single ticket reduced is valid

  • in Rostock throughout the entire route network
  • in the region in the selected tariff zones
  • in all means of transport (bus, tram, suburban train, ferry)

Please note

Children aged 0 to 5 years travel free of charge.


Validate the ticket immediately on departure.

Stamping machines can be found in buses and trains right next to the entrance door and by the S-Bahn (suburban trains) at the platforms.