Customer service centres

At our customer service centres you cannot only buy tickets but also experience personal advice concerning our offers and services.

Reopening of customer centers

Since 4 May 2020, the customer services centers Doberaner Platz and Lütten Klein reopened.
According the corona safety measures, please follow these rules while visiting our customer centers:

  • at customer service center Doberaner Platz, max. 2 customers at the same time are allowed to be at the salesroom.
  • at customer service center Lütten Klein, only one customer is allowed to enter the salesroom.
  • you are obliged to wear a face mask.

The customer service centers central station and Dierkower Kreuz are expected to reopen in June.

Central Station

You will find our customer centre directly in Rostock main station.

North of the main railway station, shortly before the staircase to the distribution level.

temporarily closed

2356 Stop Central Station

2223262739 Stop Central Station

S1S2S3 Stop Central Station

Doberaner Platz

You will find us directly in the shopping arcade..

Shopping arcade "Doberaner Hof" at Doberaner Platz, directly at the entrance Stampfmüllerstraße/Doberaner Platz

Monday to Friday
09.00 a.m. till 05.00 p.m.

12356 Stop Doberaner Platz

25 Stop Doberaner Platz

Dierkower Kreuz

You will find us directly at the stop Dierkower Kreuz.

Gutenbergstraße 76, directly at the stop Dierkower Kreuz

temporarily closed

1234 Stop Dierkower Kreuz

1618194549X41 Stop Dierkower Kreuz

Lütten Klein

You will find us directly at the bus stop Lütten Klein Zentrum.

Directly at the stop Lütten Klein Zentrum in the Warnowallee/Corner Helsinkier Straße.

Monday to Friday
09.00 a.m. till 05.00 p.m.

15 Stop Lütten Klein Zentrum

31394549X41 Stop Lütten Klein Zentrum