New Environmentally-Friendly Buses


Modernisation of our fleet of buses: 6 new environmentally-friendly buses for Rostock.

We are modernising our fleet of buses with 4 of the latest generation of new low-floor articulated buses in compliance with the Euro-VI standard. The diesel buses of the make Mercedes Benz Citaro are currently being fully equipped and made ready for operation.

An Important Contribution to Healthy Air

Each year we invest in new buses to make bus journeys in Rostock even more comfortable and environmentally friendly. There is clear evidence of the rejuvenation of our fleet of buses in our environmental balance: lower diesel consumption and reduced exhaust emissions lead to our buses being cleaner than many cars that are on our roads. RSAG is thus making an important contribution to healthy air in the Hanseatic and University City of Rostock.

Modern Equipment

The 4 new articulated Mercedes-Benz O 530G buses each have approximately 47 seats and standing space for 105 persons and an engine power of 360 HP. The standard type O 530 buses have 32 seats and 79 standing space for 79persons and an engine power of 300 HP.

The buses are, of course, equipped to be barrier-free and there are no steps at the entrances. They also have a lowering function on the door (kneeling). Both vehicle types have a folding ramp and a wheelchair space at the second door; the articulated bus also has them at the third door.

The modern dual TFT screens in the buses provide easily legible passenger information. There is also air-conditioning in the passenger area as well as for the driver’s seat. As with all RSAG vehicles, the new buses are equipped with video surveillance and a ticket machine.

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