Save money and discover public transport with the Germany-wide 9-Euro-Ticket from June to August.

Area of Validity

The 9-Euro-Ticket is valid:

  • throughout the entire route network of VVW (Hanseatic city of Rostock and region Rostock)
  • in all means of transport (bus, tram, suburban train, ferry, trains of DB Regio, trains of ODEG, Molli)
  • in public transport (2nd class) in Germany

The ticket ist not valid::

  • for long-distance traffic of Deutsche Bahn (IC, ICE and EC)
  • for private transport companies (e.g. Flixtrain, Flixbus)
  • for some ferry connections. Please inform yourself according the special regulations at the local transport company.

Period of Validity

The ticket ist valid for one calendar month, this means from the first day of month until 30/31 day of month. It is only available in the period from June to August.
The ticket is valid around the clock and has no time restrictions.

Buying tickets

Get your 9-Euro-Ticket here:

It is possible to buy the ticket also in advance for the months July and August. The price is € 9 per month.

Exchanges and refunds are excluded.

No bicycles and not transferable

The 9-Euro-Ticket

  • is a personal ticket and therefore not transferable.
  • does not include the right to take along other persons.
  • does not include the carriage of bicycles or similar.


Children aged 0 to 5 years travel free of charge.
Children from 6 years pay € 9 per month, like any other passenger. There no additionally discounted tickets for children.

Did you already know ...

that the 9-Euro-Ticket is valid for public transport throughout Germany? If you buy a ticket in Rostock, you can use this ticket also in any other city e.g. Hamburg or Cologne.